Best of 2018: Ivoclar Vivadent on a winning streak

Many Ivoclar Vivadent products have been rated as "Best Products for 2018" in the Clinicians Report

13 June 2018

Ivoclar Vivadent has achieved top rankings in the guide for 2018:Every year, the independent US test institute Clinicians Report publishes a buying guide of the best dental products. The guide is based on independent, non-manufacturer sponsored product evaluations from the previous twelve months. The evaluations are carried out by the scientific team and clinical evaluators of the Clinicians Report.

Ivoclar Vivadent has achieved top rankings in the guide for 2018: A total of 13 products are listed in the recommendations of the Clinicians Report. Among them are proven and updated classics as well as a new product.

Category "Classics":

Product category Product name  
Adhesives Adhese Universal 14_ZA_Highlight_AdheseUniversal
Cements, Resin: Adhesive Multilink Automix 14_ZA_Highlight_Multilink_automix
Cements, Resin: Esthetic, Veneer Variolink Esthetic 14_ZA_Highlight_VariolinkEsthetic
Finishers/Polishers for Ceramics OptraFine 14_ZA_Highlight_OptraFine
Finishers/Polishers for Ceramics
for Resin-Based Composites
Politip 14_ZA_Highlight_Polisher_finisher
Impression Materials: VPS/Polyether Virtual 14_ZA_Highlight_Virtual_family
Radiometers Bluephase Meter II 14_ZA_Highlight_BluePhaseMeterII
Resin-Based Composite Restoratives Tetric EvoCeram, Heliomolar 14_ZA_Highlight_Tetric_EvoCeram-1


Category "Updated classics":

Product category Product name  
Cements, Resin: Self-Adhesive SpeedCEM Plus 14_ZA_Highlight_SpeedCem_Plus
Curing lights: Resin, LED Bluephase Style 14_ZA_Highlight_Bluephase_style
Moisture Control/
Rubber Dam
(small, regular, junior)
Finishers/Polishers for Ceramics
for Resin-Based Composites
Astropol 14_ZA_Highlight_Astropol


Category "New products":

Product category Product name  
Sealers/Endodontic Cements Apexit Plus 14_ZA_Highlight_ApexitPlus

Source: Clinicians Report, Vol 10, Issue 12, December 2017

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