"Bluephase Meter II gives me peace of mind"

25 June 2018

Bluephase Meter II is similarly accurate as high-level lab equipment used to measure light output.Sabiha S. Bunek, DDS, editor-in-chief and CEO of The Dental Advisor, praised Bluephase Meter II (radiometer for verifying the light intensity of curing devices) as one of the technological advances that will have a beneficial impact on day-to-day dentistry today and in the future.*

Without sufficient polymerization, many fixed restorations lose their stability over time and may fail prematurely. Dr Bunek pointed out that the clinical performance is poor under these circumstances. Nonetheless, many clinicians are unaware of the need to regularly monitor the output of their light-curing device.

Bluephase Meter II is a lightweight radiometer that can be used for quick, accurate and consistent verification of the light output of all types of curing lights. With this, the radiometer is used routinely in The Dental Advisor Biomaterial Laboratory for light output readings.

Focus on: In-office Technologies, Dentistry Today, June 2017

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