Bluephase Style 20i

Fast polymerization at no compromise

9 March 2018

Bluephase Style 20i

Bluephase Style 20i is currently one of the most efficient devices for light-curing dental materials. The use of a fast light-curing protocol does not entail any drawbacks in comparison with a conventional protocol, as has been revealed in the in-vitro study below.

An investigation of the R&D department at Ivoclar Vivadent AG showed that the shrinkage forces occurring at elevated light intensities remain nearly identical to those at lower intensities. In the study, Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill IVA was light-cured as follows:

  • Bluephase Style M8 = 800 mW/cm2 for 15 seconds
  • Bluephase Style = 1,200 mW/cm2 for 10 seconds
  • Bluephase Style 20i = 2,000 mW/cm2 for 5 seconds

Moreover, an investigation1 by Prof. F. Rueggeberg on intrapulpal temperature increase showed that the generally accepted threshold value of 5.5 °C is not exceeded when Bluephase Style 20i is used. Therefore, the use of the Bluephase Style 20i (Turbo mode) poses no increased risk for the vitality of the tooth because of a rise in temperature.


Optimum light-curing results – the right way!


1 Rueggeberg F.: In-vitro intrapulpal temperature rise when restoring a class V preparation using prototype LED-based curing lights.
Unpublished report, 2017

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Vorrei essere fra i primi ad avere ulteriori informazioni!

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