IPS Empress Direct

Tips and tricks for esthetic anterior restorations

9 March 2018

Creating a highly esthetic restoration with all its individual characteristics is often a challenging task for the dentist. Precise application of the relevant material, combined with sufficient knowledge of the material itself, forms the basis for meeting this challenge successfully.

In the new brochure “Tips and tricks”, Dr Eduardo Mahn provides many valuable and practical tips on the application of the highly esthetic composite IPS Empress Direct. The new brochure is published in a handy DIN A5 format and provides useful information on many questions, such as:

  • How do you best layer IPS Empress Direct?
  • How can an incorrect colour choice be rectified?
  • What is the optimal layer thickness for the dentin and enamel materials?
  • How can the Trans Opal material be optimally used?
Tips and tricks

With the help of practical examples, illustrations and step-by-step instructions, Dr Eduardo Mahn shows how highly esthetic restorations can be achieved at chairside using IPS Empress Direct. 


Here is how you can achieve natural-looking restorations in the anterior region

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