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10 December 2018

IPS e.max CAD and IPS Empress CAD have proven themselves a million times over in clinical situations

IPS e.max CAD and IPS Empress CAD have proven themselves a million times over in clinical situations(1). What makes these blocks so special and how do they compare with each other?

In brief: The table below shows the most important characteristics and applications of the different materials.


IPS e.max CAD

IPS Empress CAD

Celtra Duo(2)

Clinical long/term studies

Survival rate(3) 
over 10 years

Survival rate(4) 
after 11 years

after one year(5)

Flexural strength

530 MPa(6)

185 MPa(6)

polished 210 MPa(7) 
fired 370 MPa(7)

Fracture toughness

2.11 MPa · m1/2(8)

1.07 MPa · m1/2(8)

1.38 MPa · m1/2(8)

Cementation options

(Adhesive, self-adhesive or conventional cementation)

(Adhesive cementation)

(Adhesive, or after firing, self-adhesive cementation)(9)

Shades and translucency levels

(20 HT, 7 MT, 20 LT,
5 MO Shades and 
2 Impulse blocks)

Very easy block selection with the help of the
IPS e.max Shade Navigation App

(7 Multi, 12 HT
and 16 LT shades)

(9 HT and
12 LT shades)



Crowns, bridges(10), inlays, onlays,
veneers, occlusal veneers, partial crowns,
hybrid abutments and hybrid abutment crowns

Crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers 

Crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers

Time-tested and clinically proven

Scientific Report IPS e.max
IPS e.max CAD has been satisfying users 
throughout the world for more than a decade. They appreciate the product‘s excellent esthetics, reliability, flexibility and efficiency. IPS Empress CAD has been successfully used since 2006(11). Dental professionals and their patients can rely on these materials. The restorations fashioned with them will remain intact for many years to come. The outstanding performance of the products has been scientifically documented: Studies confirm the excellent long-term clinical behaviour of IPS e.max CAD(3) and IPS Empress CAD(4).
(1) Based on sales figures
(2) Not a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG
(3) IPS e.max Scientific Report Vol. 3 / 2001 – 2017
(4) IPS Empress CAD Scientific Documentation
(5) An independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report®, November 2018.
(6) Average biaxial flexural strength over a period of 10 years, R&D Ivoclar Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein
(7) According to the information provided by the manufacturer, Three-point bending test
(8) Hill T, Tysowsky G. Fracture toughness, KIC, of five CAD/CAM glass-ceramics. AADR/CADR Annual Meeting: 1672, 2016
(9) According to the information provided by the manufacturer

(10) Up to the second premolar as the final abutment
(11) Introduced as ProCAD in 1998. Since 2006, the blocks have been available in an optimized form under the labels of IPS Empress CAD and IPS Empress CAD Multi. The blocks feature a natural-looking progression of shade and fluorescence.

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