Tetric EvoFlow's formula for success

A new Casebook containing a select number of cases studies shows how Tetric EvoFlow enriches the daily work experience of dentists.

6 September 2018

Tetric EvoFlowTetric EvoFlow has been the top-selling flowable composite resin in Europe for many years. More than 80 million fillings have been placed with it around the world. They attest to the product’s resounding success.

Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill was introduced to the market three years ago. This version of the product features Aessencio Technology and therefore epitomizes the esthetic revolution in modern bulk fill materials.

Step-by-step illustrations

The new Casebook illustrates the formula for success of the Tetric Evo-Line: Pictures and diagrams showcase the exceptional characteristics of Tetric EvoFlow and Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill and demonstrate how these products help to master the many restorative challenges in anterior and posterior teeth. In addition, a number of accomplished dentists have contributed reports about their experiences with the flowable composites in clinical cases.

This handy Casebook is a practical and informative reference manual for your day-to-day work in the dental practice.

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