Variolink Esthetic receives impressive ratings from U.S. test institute

Clinical study: excellent 18-month ratings

12 November 2018


The Variolink Esthetic luting composite was tested in a clinical study by the renowned U.S. test institute The Dental Advisor. To this end, a total of 216 restorations were placed between January 2016 and May 2017 and evaluated in February 2018.

The lion’s share of the restorations placed were crowns in the anterior and posterior region. In addition, 17 veneers, 3 anterior bridges and 1 onlay were also inserted. Both the LC and DC versions of the luting composite were used.

Excellent esthetics and no marginal discolouration

The clinicians testing Variolink Esthetic were impressed with the esthetics and marginal quality and gave the restorations an excellent ranking of five stars for both those areas. The restorations also received an excellent rating for the lack of post-op sensitivity, with virtually no sensitivity having been observed.

Words of praise from clinicians

“Great shade selection and shades that remain stable over time” was just one of the comments by the clinicians who tested the material. They were impressed with the outstanding clinical performance of Variolink Esthetic.


Over the 18-month recall period, the clinical performance of recalled restorations placed with Variolink Esthetic was exceptional.

The restorations received excellent ratings with regard to esthetics, lack of sensitivity, resistance to marginal discolouration and resistance to fracture/chipping.