Colado CAD

Versatile range of indications

18 April 2018

Colado CAD - Versatile range of indicationsThe Colado CAD discs are metal discs for the efficient production of frameworks. They feature high stability and thus support the fabrication of long-lasting restorations.

The Colado CAD CoCr4 cobalt-chromium alloy discs are suitable for a broad range of indications such as full-contour crowns and bridges, veneered frameworks and implantsupported superstructures. Given its CTE value of 14.4 ± 0.5 x 10-6/K, Colado CAD CoCr4 can be veneered using the popular Ivoclar Vivadent metal-ceramic materials, e.g. IPS Style.

Colado CAD Ti2 is a pure titanium disc that is suitable for the production of crown and bridge frameworks. Colado CAD Ti5 is a titanium alloy disc designed to mill large-span bridges and implant-supported superstructures. The laboratory composite SR Nexco allows you to veneer Colado CAD Ti2 and Ti5 restorations.