ProArt CAD

Analog comes digital

16 May 2018

ProArt CAD DiscsThe process-supporting ProArt CAD discs serve to convert conventional working steps in the lab to fully digital processes. The dimensionally stable, easy-to-mill discs made from polymer and wax material cover a broad range of indications.

ProArt CAD Wax

ProArt CAD Wax are wax discs. They are easy to mill and offer a high degree of stability, forming the basis for the fabrication of detailed and accurate objects in the dental lab. ProArt CAD Wax yellow is used for the press technique and specifically designed to suit the lithium disilicate glass-ceramic IPS e.max Press. The smooth surface structure allows for precise results with a high accuracy of fit. Post-processing is therefore reduced to a minimum.

Additional ProArt CAD discs

The easy-to-mill PMMA discs form a part of the ProArt CAD family. ProArt CAD Splint is used to produce occlusal splints or drilling templates. The milky-white disc ProArt CAD Try-In is suitable for the fabrication of impression and functional trays as well as try-ins.


Indication is decisive

Which ProArt CAD disc is used depends on the indication at hand. The discs have one feature in common: they support the transition from conventional working steps to digital manufacturing processes.