Optimized version with verification function for image analysis in the Digital Shade Assistant (DSA)

8 March 2018

Effective immediately, the Programat app is available in a new optimized version. The app offers users of the current Programat generation the possibility to communicate with their furnace through a Wi-Fi connection. What additional benefits does this bring to your day-to-day work?

The advantages of the new app can be summarized as follows:

  • Verification function for DSA image analysis: This feature enables you to check if your photos of the oral situation meets all the requirements for DSA analysis (Digital Shade Assistant). If this is the case, a positive acknowledgement appears on your display. You can then send the image to the furnace for DSA analysis.
  • Wireless image data transfer: This feature allows you to send your photos easily and conveniently from your smartphone to the Programat furnace. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Picture Manager for image management: With the Picture Manager, you can manage your pictures effortlessly. You can store your DSA photos and your “regular” photos in two different folders. In the Picture Manager, an icon is displayed in the upper right corner to determine whether the image can be used for DSA analysis.

With the new app, you are in total control of your DSA-enabled Programat at all times.

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Programat P710