SR Ivocap - a long-running favourite

US-based dental product testing organization recommends SR Ivocap-Material as "Best Product" for 2018

15 June 2018

SR IvocapEvery year, the Gordon J. Christensen institute publishes a buying guide of the best dental products. The guide is based on independent non-manufacturer sponsored evaluations from the previous twelve months. The scientific team and clinical reviewers of the "Clinicians Report" are responsible for the evaluations.

In the category of "Proven and up-dated classic products", SR Ivocap is one of the few lab products that have been recommended a second time as a best buy. The predosed injection system has been on the market since 1970. The impact resistant variant has been available since 1991.
A total of 13 products from Ivoclar Vivadent have been listed in the recommended products of the "Clinicians Report" for 2018

Improved processing


All Ivocap materials are processed using the proven injection technique and hot-polymerized in a water bath. Since the introduction of the IvoBase system, the processing of these materials is possible even without a water bath and fully automatically in the IvoBase injector.

Various applications are pre-programmed for optimal injection and curing of Ivocap materials. By activating the RMR button, the residual monomer content can be reduced to less than 1 per cent.


IvoBase injection programs

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