The following four topics were of particular interest to dental technicians in 2018

27 December 2018

 IPS e.max Shade Navigation AppA year in which many informative studies, new products and innovations related to the topic of dental lab technology were presented is coming to an end. Perhaps you did not have the opportunity to read up on one or the other of the topics discussed on our “highlights” portal – not a problem! We have compiled the most popular posts and provided a short summary for your convenience.

  1. Dental app on the rise
    The  IPS e.max Shade Navigation App (SNA)  is compatible with Android and iOS devices and has been available free of charge since last year. The app finds the correct shade and level of translucency for all IPS e.max restorations, enabling relaxed shade matching procedures.
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  2. IPS e.max
    IPS e.max combines the proven lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and the innovative zirconium oxide ceramic in one system and therefore offers suitable solutions for every kind of all-ceramic requirement. The successful IPS e.max is the world’s most used all-ceramic system. It stands out due to its esthetic, stable and coordinated range of materials. Read more

  3. PrograMill PM7 - The future-proof high-end solution
    The machine sets new industrial standards of performance and range of indications. PrograMill PM7 is distinguished by its dynamics and powerful performance. The 5-axis cinematics with harmonic drive and powerful servo motors results in high precision and short milling times. 
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  4. Flexible scanning with the new dental software
    The “Dental System Complete Restorative” offers unlimited access to all common types of restorations at a significantly reduced price. The new attractive software package includes all add-on software modules. Read more

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Vorrei essere fra i primi ad avere ulteriori informazioni!

Vorrei essere fra i primi ad avere ulteriori informazioni!

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